the most beautiful? 

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Celebrating womanhood, empowering women & building confidence in beautiful Sacramento, CA.



​All sessions include professional hair & makeup, styled wardrobe and photo shoot. Please contact me for pricing and availability for groups of 3 or more. Products are sold separately.

Session Fee: $150.00

Session Time:​ Monday-Friday between 9am to 4:00pm.

Hair & makeup per additional person: +$75.00
Saturday session: +$100.00

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​Based in Sacramento, CA & Available Worldwide


"I feel the most beautiful when I'm being active 

(ie in the gym, running stairs, hiking)."

"... when I'm around my best friends. They understand me."

"... when I am laughing or wearing red lipstick."

​"I feel the most beautiful when I'm free and strutting in my 4 inch heels."

​"I am the most beautiful when I am free."

"...when my significant other looks me straight in the eyes and tells me he loves me."

"..when my make up is on point and my bangs are cooperating!"

​"I feel most beautiful when my hair is washed and i have a stylish outfit on!"

What makes you feel

In 3 words, how would

you describe  yourself?

"In three words, I'd say I am confident, outspoken and funny."

"passionate, adventurous, a planner"

"I am friendly, spontaneous and artistic."

"​Eccentric, adventurous, open minded & open hearted"

"In 3 words, I'd say I'm hopeful, strong, and determined."

"Honest, quirky, sarcastic"

"I am outgoing, loud, and friendly."

"​I'm an easygoing hardworking chameleon."

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