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My four-legged child that I adore so much, Jixer

 "In the right light,

at the right time, everything is beautiful!"

- Aaron Rose


Love to travel.

Addicted to laughter.

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We started a new tradition in 2015. Every new year, we want to take a family photo to document our family's growth.

This is my husband, Henry. We've been happily married since 6/9/12.

Hi there! 

- My name is Tra. In Vietnamese, it means "tea". Since it's hard for most people to remember a foreign name, I usually tell them, "It's pronounced Tra, like Tra-la-laa". I am 31 years old. The loves of my life are my husband, Henry and my dog, Jixer.

- Henry is my biggest supporter. Not only does he researches and buys all of my gears, he second shoots for me at weddings as well. We are known as the "husband & wife wedding photography team". He shoots the guys. I shoot the girls. He gets the bride's reaction while I get the groom's reaction as his bride walks up the aisle. It's amazing to see the two perspectives afterward.

- I currently in Sacramento, CA. Before this, I lived in Jacksonville, FL. I go back once or twice a year to visit my parents and usually book sessions when I do.

- I graduated from the University of North Florida  with a Bachelor degree on August 10, 2007. Two days later, I moved to CA.  Henry and I took a 1-week road trip out here so we can visit family and friends on the way.  To date, we have been together for 9 years, married for 3 year. 

As of February 2014, I finished my Master in Business Administration.

- I LOVE TO TRAVEL. In the last 3 years, I've been to Europe twice, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Vietnam, and Thailand. And other states of course. You can follow my adventures on Instagram @twotwentytravels.

I started taking pictures back in high school when digital cameras became popular. Over the years, I develop a love for the art. I am attracted to light, emotions and natural laughters. With encouragement from family and friends, I pursued professional photography at the beginning of Spring 2013. After lots of hard work and dedication to the craft, I quit my full time job in October 2015 to pursue photography full time.

I love photographing people and building relationships. I cannot imagine anything better 

than helping others document priceless memories.  A session with me is made of some necessary formal poses and lots of fun, laughing-out-loud moments. Three words others often use to describe my photos are fun, natural and full of life!